World Teacher’s Day 2022 under a background of anger in Cameroon

World Teacher’s Day 2022 under a background of anger in Cameroon. World Teacher’s Day 2022 under a background of anger in Cameroon.

it’s another October 5 in Cameroon. A new day for teachers except that it is in no way different from previous ones in the opinion of knowledge providers. Teachers don’t have the heart to celebrate. While the world pays homage to them, they reiterate the poor working conditions in which they evolve under the complicit gaze of the leaders.

In Cameroon in particular, the lords of the chalk began several months ago a vast protest movement to claim their rights, the revision of their statutes, the payment of arrears, and advancements among others.

Despite multiple promises from the government, nothing has been done. They, therefore, accuse the authorities of being complicit in their suffering. For this other edition, activities are still organized throughout the national triangle, parades, this is the case in Douala at the place of the parade in Besseke or at the multipurpose sports hall in Yaoundé, where a conference is planned around this year’s theme.

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World Teacher’s Day revolves around the theme: “transforming education starts with teachers.”

UNESCO believes that to truly celebrate World Teachers’ Day, we need to go beyond simple thanks to the profession. We need to invest in quality public education systems.

We call on governments everywhere to invest in teachers, guarantee labor rights and good working conditions, involve teachers in decision-making and trust their pedagogical expertise among others.

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