Woman commits suicide after being accused of cannibalism in Douala, Cameroon

Story Highlights
  • This incident took place on Tuesday, October 25
  • A Woman was accused of Cannibalism in Bonamoussadi, Douala
  • The accusation was took much for the woman so much such that she took rat poison

Woman commits suicide after being accused of cannibalism in Douala, Cameroon. The lady accused of cannibalism, in Bonamoussadi, in Douala died as she could not bear the weight of the reproaches of those around her.

On Tuesday, October 25, she decided to swallow rat poison, thus putting an end to her life. According to a witness, who confided anonymously to our colleagues from channel 2 international, named Annabel, would have inquired beforehand, on the capacity of this product, to harm life. The macabre discovery was made in his home, by neighbors.

The temporary teacher was accused of causing martyrdom to her brother’s children living under her roof. According to neighbors, she was known for the repeated beatings she administered to these children. They also make it known that she used to bite their necks, arms, chests, backs, and shoulders.

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Informed of the sad news, his students are inconsolable; because they considered her, they say, as a mother.

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