UN Women Call on IDPs to Live in peace within communities: Babadjou

UN Women Call on IDPs to Live in peace within communities: Babadjou. Internally Displaced Persons in Babadjou and other inhabitants of the Babadjou community have been called upon to work together so as to promote development and coexistence.

The call was made yesterday July 28 at the Babadjou Council Conference Hall during a workshop organised by the UN Women and UN-Habitat. The said conference focused on community participation in local governance for effective conflict prevention and resolution in the Littoral and West regions affected by the crisis in the North-West and South-West regions.

The workshop organised under the theme: “Dialogue and Coexistence” had as participants, internally displaced persons in Babadjou as the guest community on the one hand and administrative, traditional and municipal authorities, civil society leaders, political figures as well as local development committees for the host community on the other hand.

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Both parties were drilled on ways of preventing tension amongst them and were called upon to show proof of hospitality by considering the IDPs as their brothers.

The IDPs were also encouraged to engage in some long-term and short-term lucrative activities which were proposed to them. The next step of the 20-month program will be the training, especially of IDPs in these activities that will facilitate their integration into the community of Babadjou.

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