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Top Highest Paying Jobs In Cameroon | Top Sectors That Recruit

Top Highest Paying Jobs In Cameroon | Top Sectors That Recruit. Which paths to choose to succeed? How to orient? What are the profiles sought in the professional world today in Cameroon and what are the promising professions? 

Cameroon has more than three million job seekers and yet one in two employers still expects to encounter difficulties in recruiting due to sectors suffering from a shortage of profiles. What is the top of the most popular professions for companies at the start of 2022?

Top Sectors That Recruit and The Highest Paying Professions In Cameroon

1. Health sector:

with the health epidemics that have been wreaking havoc for some time in the world and in Cameroon in particular, the health sector is launching calls for tenders a little more each day to finally be able to remedy this situation.

2. Financial Sector:

There are 13 commercial banks that have received the approval of the COBAC (Banking Commission of Central Africa): Afriland First Bank, BICEC, SGBC, SCB ATTIJARI WAFA BANK, ECOBANK, CBC (Commercial Bank Cameroon), Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, UBA, UBC, NFC, BGFI, Banque Atlantique, CCA Bank. Banks are generally over-liquid.

3. Construction sector (Building and Public Works): 

In Cameroon, the launch of major infrastructure projects in recent years has propelled construction and public works (BTP) to the head of the sectors of the economy that carry out the greatest number of worker recruitments, revealed in an interview in the Public Daily the DG of the National Employment Fund (FNE). Indeed, Cameroon being a developing country is a construction site that evolves every day thanks to the construction industry in order to achieve the development of the country by 2035.

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4. Forest Sector:

wood is one of the pillars of the national economy: it contributes 5% to the GDP, 10% to the state’s non-oil income, and it generates about 30% of the non-oil export resources of the country. country. According to Jeune Afrique, Cameroon has the second largest forest area in Africa, with more than 18 million hectares of exploitable dense forest, representing 40% of the country’s surface.

5. The ICT Sector (Information and Communication Technology): 

This is a “booming” sector. But, to capitalize on the job opportunities that this sector holds, it is important that young Cameroonians would benefit from having “quality and varied training (…) be inventive and create new communication niches.

6. Transport Sector:

Transport is one of the vital sectors of the national economy in Cameroon. It is essential, for its growth, to define political orientations and strategic axes favourable to the implementation of reliable economic programs, capable of better channelling financial flows.

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This is one of the major sectors that recruits enormously in Cameroon because it has an important role in the question of the development of the country, which requires adequate infrastructure in order to cope with population growth, the displacement of populations to cities, as well as new economic requirements.

7. Agricultural Sector:

Agriculture can rightly be considered the mainstay of the economy in Cameroon. With an occupation of 70% of the active population, it contributes to approximately 42% of the active population. Unemployment helps, a large number of people fall back on the trades of the land in order to find something to live or even survive.

FAQ: Top highest paying Jobs In Cameroon | Top Sectors That Recruit

What is the most profitable job in Cameroon?

Pig farming: an activity that yields enormous profits. This profitable business is booming in Africa and especially in Cameroon which is a predominantly Christian country with nearly 69% of the population.

What are the promising professions in Cameroon?

In this case aesthetics, fashion, fire safety, renewable energies, carpentry, agriculture, etc.

What are the highest-paying jobs in the world?

The jobs that pay the most in the world are Entrepreneur, Anaesthesiologist, Software Developer, Architect, Chartered Accountant, Doctors and Surgeons, Marketing Manager, and Investment Banker.

What are the most sought-after professions in Cameroon?

This is why the positions of Community manager, Web editor, Digital marketer, and Social media manager have been highly sought after. Even if the market lacks many profiles in this field. So there are still places to fill.

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What is the highest-paid job in Africa?

Along with finance, this sector offers the highest salaries for professionals interested in a career and employment in Africa.

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