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Top 20 paying jobs in America

Top 20 paying jobs in America. The labour market is as tight as it’s been in decades, with unemployment at 3.6% and million more open jobs than there are workers to fill them. 

Recruitments and the coronavirus pandemic have triggered a shortage of workers, and many Americans have begun to rethink what they want out of a job title. That said, some criteria remain the same: salary, work satisfaction and mobility.

To compile its ranking, the employer review company weighed three factors equally: median annual base salary, overall job satisfaction rating and the number of jobs available during the past year. For a job to be considered, it must have received at least 100 salary reports and at least 100 job-satisfaction ratings within that span, and it must have had at least 2,000 job openings counting from the previous year.

It may come as no surprise that tech jobs swept the list occupying almost all of the entries), given the field’s famously high salaries and work-from-home flexibility. But the rankings also cover a wide spectrum of fields, including real estate, human resources, and more.

Read on for the top 20 best-paying jobs in America.

20. Consultant

Consulting is a fairly broad category. But at its core, consultants help businesses solve problems, usually involving money. Consultants need a four-year degree in their area of expertise.

Median base salary: $90,748

Job satisfaction: 3.9/5

Job openings: 17,728

19. Marketing manager

These managers develop marketing plans for a company and oversee their execution. They almost always have a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, public relations or business.

Median base salary: $90,748

Job satisfaction: 4.1/5

Job openings: 7,596

18. Salesforce developer

A Salesforce developer is a type of programmer who writes software on Salesforce cloud technology. Tasks include creating websites and developing apps. A college degree isn’t always required, but it helps to be well versed in computer coding.

Median base salary: $98,972

Job satisfaction: 4.2/5

Job openings: 5,250

17. Corporate recruiter

Corporate recruiters fill job openings. They usually have a background in HR and often carry a bachelor’s degree in business or human resources.

Median base salary: $77,700

Job satisfaction: 4.4/5

Job openings: 8,724

16. Physician

Working as a doctor requires a high level of education and experience — typically a bachelor’s degree, a degree from a medical school and a stint in a residency program.

Median base salary: $155,400

Job satisfaction: 3.9/5

Job openings: 15,376

15. Information security engineer

These engineers plan, design, build and integrate anti-hacking tools. They typically have a bachelor’s degree in a computer science discipline, along with a background in the IT field.

Median base salary: $116,919

Job satisfaction: 4.1/5

Job openings: 7,264

14. Business development engineer

Business development engineers analyze markets to find business opportunities, as well as develop good customer relationships. They usually have a degree from an accredited college in business.

Median base salary: $89,496

Job satisfaction: 4.2/5

Job openings: 9,263

13. HR manager

An HR manager oversees a human-resources department, which typically hires employees and oversees benefits programs. Most HR managers have a bachelor’s degree in human resources or business management, with some having a master’s degree in HR, labor relations or business.

Median base salary: $91,502

Job satisfaction: 4.3/5

Job openings: 7,276

12. Cloud engineer

Cloud engineers specialize in cloud computing — that could include migrating corporate computer systems to a cloud; negotiating contracts with cloud services (like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud); or designing and maintaining new software run on a cloud. 

They need a bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science, and fluency with programming languages including Java and C++.

Median base salary: $118,999

Job satisfaction: 4.0/5

Job openings: 10,689

11. Back-end engineer

While front-end engineers design the visual aspects of apps and websites, back-end engineers build the structure of an app, writing code and implementing security measures. They typically have a degree in computer science, network technologies or a similar field.

Median base salary: $112,384

Job satisfaction: 4.2/5

Job openings: 6,221

10. Product manager

Product managers work on the business side of a tech company, overseeing the life cycle of a product — from market research, to launching and selling the final product. They need a bachelor’s degree in business or management.

Median base salary: $125,317

Job satisfaction: 4.0/5

Job openings: 17,725

9. Java developer

Java developers build software using the Java programming language. Ideal candidates have a bachelor’s degree in computer science with a professional IT certification.

Median base salary: $107,099

Job satisfaction: 4.1/5

Job openings: 10,201

8. Software engineer

Programming code abstract technology background of software developer and Computer script

Software engineers build computer software, a broad category that could apply to computer games, mobile apps, web browsers or any other computer-based system. Most jobs require a degree in computer science or computer engineering, plus proficiency in programming languages like Java and Python.

Median base salary: $116,638

Job satisfaction: 3.9/5

Job openings: 64,155

7. Data engineer

A data engineer is an IT worker who takes huge amounts of data and finds ways to collect, store and organize it. The goal: format the information so it can be easily understood by analysts. Data engineers generally have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or applied math.

Median base salary: $113,960

Job satisfaction: 4.0/5

Job openings: 11,821

6. Machine learning engineer

Machine-learning engineers research, design and build artificial intelligence systems that “learn” from tasks, ideally so that they can carry out future operations more efficiently. (In other words, these engineers build self-running robots.) They need a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field.

Median base salary: $130,489

Job satisfaction: 4.3/5

Job openings: 6,801

5. Strategy manager

Strategy managers review an organization to find strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. Then they act as liaisons between company departments (such as finance, human resources or marketing) to implement solutions. They need a degree in business or a related field; some employers prefer an MBA.

Median base salary: $140,000

Job satisfaction: 4.2/5

Job openings: 6,977

4. DevOps engineer

A DevOps engineer specializes in software development and operations, with expertise spanning coding, IT and systems administration. They often act as a liaison between corporate teams, fostering collaboration. Jobs typically require an advanced degree in computer science or software engineering.

Median base salary: $120,095

Job satisfaction: 4.2/5

Job openings: 8,548

3. Data scientist

Data scientists analyze and process large sets of data to help companies improve over time. They are in demand for nearly every industry. Data scientists at heath care facilities can look at cancer records to create custom recommendations for current patients. Data scientists at a shipping company can analyze weather patterns to map new routes for delivery drivers. The job requires a bachelor’s degree in statistics, math, computer science or economics.

Median base salary: $120,000

Job satisfaction: 4.1/5

Job openings: 10,071

2. Full stack engineer

Full stack engineers are senior-level computer programmers with proficiency in coding and web design. They work on both the front-end (visual aspects) and back-end (coding and software) of an application. Jobs typically require a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or computer science.

Median base salary: $101,794

Job satisfaction: 4.3/5

Job openings: 11,252

1. Enterprise architect

Enterprise architects hold some of the most senior positions in a company’s IT department. Their main task is to keep up with the latest tech trends and then implement them in ways that increase efficiency and revenue. Jobs typically require an undergraduate degree in computer science or data science.

Median base salary: $144,997

Job satisfaction: 4.1/5

Job openings: 14,021

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