The toll of the attack in Moutchikar evolves to four deaths in the Far North of Cameroon

The toll of the attack in Moutchikar evolves to four deaths in the Far North of Cameroon. The attack perpetrated on the night of Friday, July 15 to Saturday, July 16, 2022, in Moutchikar, in the Far North of Cameroon, was deadly.

It was terrorists belonging to Boko Haram who carried out this attack in the district of Koza, in the Far North region.

According to a local Vigilance Committee official, the attackers had come en masse to Moutchikar. “They were very numerous as usual and took people by surprise while they slept. Taken by panic, the villagers ran to take refuge in the mountain and the bush. And it was during this general rout that four people fell under enemy fire. In addition to the dead, there were also injured who were taken care of in the local health facility,” the official told Xinhua.

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The same source underlines that after the attack, the populations of Moutchikar and Koza went to the Sub-prefecture of Koza to express their anger toward the administrative authorities. The latter gave assurances as to the measures that would be taken to ensure the safety of the populations in the area.

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