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The International Union for Conservation of Nature is recruiting a Technical Assistant

The International Union for Conservation of Nature is recruiting a Technical Assistant for the Project Implementation Unit in order to promote the effective and efficient implementation of activities. 


The Project Technical Assistant will be placed under the direct supervision of the Project Manager. He/She will assume the following responsibilities and tasks:

  • Support participatory management actions, in particular the animation of consultation frameworks in its intervention sites;
  • Support capacity building and awareness of local resource management institutions;
  • Ensure close monitoring of the implementation of income-generating activities;
  • Support the land zoning process at the level of the targeted communities;
  • Ensure awareness-raising and information activities for local communities and other actors targeted under the project;
  • Ensure the relay between the actors in the field and the project for their better involvement in the implementation of activities;
  • Contribute to building the capacities of local actors to ensure better involvement and participation in the Project;
  • Support local organizations in popularizing good natural resource management practices;
  • Set up a management committee;
  • Ensure the consolidation of implementation reports, and produce a monthly report;
  • Consolidate the monthly evaluation sheets;
  • Any other tasks to be entrusted to him by the project manager for its proper implementation.
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  •  Hold a university degree at Bac+5 level in the fields of Environment, Agronomy, Rural Engineering, Geography, or any other similar rural development discipline;
  • Have at least 5 years of experience in the field of rural animation and community supervision in the management of natural resources and micro-subsidies;
  • Have an excellent knowledge of the environmental, agronomic, forestry, political, economic and social context of Cameroon in general and the far north in particular;
  • Have proven experience in the field of training, coaching and professional integration of young people and job seekers, advice and business creation, entrepreneurship or in a related field;
  • Have an excellent sense of organization, management and planning;
  • Master group facilitation and active listening techniques;
  • Master the notion of gender, cash transfer and market monitoring;
  • Have the ability to communicate and work in multidisciplinary and multilingual teams;
  • Have an excellent level of spoken and written language in French and English.
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  • Know the project implementation area;
  • Have a good command of local languages;
  • Have a mastery of computer tools (Word, Excel, power point, Outlook) and a usual practice of office computer tools and software and electronic communication;
  • Hold at least a license to drive 2-wheeled vehicles (Category A).
  • Have knowledge of donor procedures;


  • Adhere to IUCN values ​​and respect the labor code;
  • Ability to take initiatives and bring innovative ideas;
  • Sense of communications and advocacy;
  • Sense of discretion and responsibility;
  • Ability to adapt to conditions and tasks that may change with realities;
  • Ability to work in a pressured environment;
  • Attitude and professional behavior: ability to work in a team but also autonomy in the exercise of its functions, dynamism, honesty, sense of organization;
  • To be subject to authority;
  • Organizational sense.


Deadline: 4. December 2022 

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