The gas issue in Cameroon: 8000 tonnes of domestic gas are expected to arrive in the days ahead

The gas issue in Cameroon: 8000 tonnes of domestic gas are expected to arrive in the days ahead. The Petroleum Depots corporation SCDP received about 4000 tonnes of gas a few days back and the manager of the company, Véronique Moampea Mbio, says another shipment of several thousand tonnes is expected in Cameroon in the coming days.

“In the very next few days, a ship with 8,000 metric tonnes that was already off the coast of Nigeria will be able to enter, and around October 25, we will have another ship that will arrive. And we have at least six ships announced,” disclosed the SCDP manager while welcoming the 4,000 metric tonnes of gas.

The 4,000 tonnes which constituted about 128, 000 gas bottles were circulated in the national market but wasn’t enough to meet up with the need of most citizens.

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In this line, Véronique Moampea further revealed they, “… will go beyond 128,000 since we will be working overtime given the situation. We have the capacity to fill 35 to 40 tanker trucks per day, but we will go to 50.”

Gas scarcity has been a bone of contention in several localities in Cameroon such as Bafoussam, Bamenda, Yaoundé, and Buea just to mention a few, in the past few weeks.

This has led to price hikes, spurred by product hoarding in major towns of the country. The gas scarcity adds to the high prices of basic commodities recorded over the past months in Cameroon.

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