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STEPS ON HOW TO START A CAREER: The 1st & 5th are Encouraging!

STEPS ON HOW TO START A CAREER: The 1st & 5th are Encouraging! According to the Oxford Dictionary of languages, a career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. Learning how to start a particular career also ensures the efficient use of your time and resources.

In this article, we will explain what to know before starting a career and if you are wondering about the best age to start up a career, then read through this article.

Before you start your career, it’s important to have a strategic plan to help you find success. Here are some steps to help you navigate the process of starting your career:

1. Do a Self-Assessment:

Firstly, understand who you are as a person.” Where are your natural strengths? What motivates you? What sort of people do you want to work with? What sort of work culture suits you best? And what type of work most energizes you?” Write these answers down if it helps you.

2. Make a List of your Interests and Talents:

Create a list of your hobbies, skills and passions. Consider anything you enjoy doing even if it doesn’t seem related to a traditional career. For example, if you like spending time outside, working on a computer, cooking or helping other people, list what you find fulfilling about each of these activities. Note any themes or patterns on your lists to help you find a suitable career match. Identifying your talents and hobbies can help you uncover what you’re passionate about and which careers may suit you. Determine the type of job you want and what you want out of your career. Knowing your career aspirations can help you determine the type of education you need and the types of positions to apply for.

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3. STEPS ON HOW TO START A CAREER: Review your Qualifications:

Every job in the workforce requires specific skills and qualifications. Before you pursue a career, consider your education level and your abilities. Assessing your skills and qualifications can help you determine the next steps for your professional development and future career. It can also help you identify what jobs may align with your current credentials.

4. Consider Volunteering or Interning:

Experience, they say is the best teacher. Consider becoming a volunteer or intern to provide you with further insight into a career or industry. Research opportunities online or talk to your college’s career centre to learn about various intern or volunteer positions you might find interesting. Keep in mind that most internships or volunteer opportunities don’t offer you monetary compensation. However, they may provide you with valuable experience to help with your future endeavours. In addition, interning or volunteering gives you the opportunity to shadow working professionals and ask them about their jobs. Hearing about their experiences can help you make a well-informed career decision.

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5. Find a Role Model (Mentor):

Having or knowing someone who inspires you is a vital step to starting a career. People easily grow when they have a role model to look up to for support and guidance. They get motivated to work hard and emulate their footsteps and become like them. Mind you a role model should be someone who is highly professional in their domain of establishment. A great mentor may even connect you with other high profiles who can help you establish your career even further.

The Best Age to Start A Career 

The Best Age to Start A Career: Most times what often kills our mentality is the belief that we are still very young to do this or that. But the truth is; there is no age to commence a career. The best age to recognize a dream career is basically at childhood during the process of growing up. Getting to know what you are best at doing terms from your growing up activities and goes a great deal to guide you towards choosing and starting a career. You can start up a career at any age and succeed but it’s a lot easier when you follow a consistent pattern.

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