Sports: Here’s why they absolutely want Samuel Eto’o to resign from Fecafoot

Sports: Here’s why they absolutely want Samuel Eto’o to resign from Fecafoot. For years, some individuals appeared at Fecafoot without ever justifying it.

The executive committee (Comex) of Fecafoot has given Samuel Eto’o a mandate to investigate the tax fraud of the former executive. The former president of the Federation would have taken advantage of the customs exemptions enjoyed by Fecafoot, to import equipment of all kinds.

The members of the Comex also speak of another document which accuses Gilbert Kadji. The latter alone would have imported 250 trucks of office equipment (lions papers).

According to a sports analyst, it is to stifle this scandal that certain people lurking in the shadows want to remove Samuel Eto’o from Fecafoot. “ Here is why they absolutely want Samuel Eto’o to leave Fecafoot. For years, they emerged at Fecafoot without ever justifying. Several of them have used the federation to their heart’s content (end) to bring personal belongings in the name of Fecafoot without paying customs… So you understand all the relentlessness on other people’s children, all their hatred, all the jealousy by the way by nocturnal masses so that Eto’o releases. », Analyst our source.

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As a reminder, some voices are raised to challenge the legitimacy of the boss of Fécafoot. These are some members of the General Assembly. The latter has just seized the acting secretary general of FECAFOOT with the assistance of their counsel, Me Jean-Paul Mbiaba, a lawyer at the Cameroon Bar.

In the correspondence filed at the seat of the instance by the bailiff, they argue that Samuel Eto’o no longer has the capacity to act as president of FECAFOOT. They too rely on the conviction of the former FC Barcelona striker by the Spanish courts.

Here’s why they absolutely want Samuel Eto’o to resign from Fecafoot

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