Sad News: Nigerian Man Strangled to Death in the Streets of Italy

Sad News: Nigerian Man Strangled to Death in the Streets of Italy. A Nigerian named Alika Ogorchukwu was found dead in the streets of Italy after having been strangled to death without anyone intervening.

The event took place in public while witnesses filmed the violent man beating and strangling the physically challenged Ogorchukwu to death without making any apparent move to interfere. Ogorchukwu died as a result of his injuries.

According to Washington Post, the video footage of the attack has circulated widely on Italian news websites and social media, attracting outrage as Italy enters a parliamentary election campaign in which the right-wing coalition has already made immigration an issue.

The video showed the assailant wrestling the victim onto his back on the pavement as he fought back, eventually subduing him with the weight of his body.

“The aggressor went after the victim, first hitting him with a crutch. He made him fall to the ground, then he finished, causing the death, hitting him repeatedly with his bare hands,’’ the town’s chief commissioner, Fabio Mazza, told a press conference.

“The murder of Alika Ogorchukwu is dismaying,’’ Enrico Letta, the head of the left-wing Democratic Party, wrote Saturday on Twitter, naming the vendor who died Friday. “Unheard of ferocity. Widespread indifference. There can be no justification.”

Right-wing leader Matteo Salvini, who is making security a fundamental point of his campaign, also expressed outrage over the death, saying “security has no colour and needs to return to being a right.”

Reports revealed that Ogorchukwu, 39, was selling goods Friday on the main street of Civitanova Marche, a beach town on the Adriatic Sea, when his attacker grabbed his crutch and struck him down, according to police.

Police investigator Matteo Luconi told Italian news channel Sky TG24 that onlookers called police, who responded after the suspect had fled and attempted to administer aid to the victim.

But, police used street cameras to track the assailant’s movements and detained a man identified as Filippo Claudio Giuseppe Ferlazzo, 32. He was being held on suspicion of murder and theft for allegedly taking the victim’s phone.

Luconi told Sky TG24 that the assailant got angry and aggressive following Ogorchukwu’s “insistent” requests for pocket change.

Police were questioning witnesses and viewing videos of the attack. They said the suspect has made no statement.

Ogorchukwu, who was married with two children, resorted to selling goods on the street after he was struck by a car and lost his job as a labourer due to his injuries, said Daniel Amanza, who runs the ACSIM association for immigrants in the Marche region’s Macerata province.

Amanza gave a different version of what happened, saying the attacker became infuriated when Ogorchukwu told the man’s companion she was beautiful.

“This compliment killed him,’’ Amanza told The Associated Press.

“The tragic fact is that there were many people nearby. They filmed, saying ‘Stop,’ but no one moved to separate them,’’ Amanza said.

The individual who killed Alika by beating him to death in a major beach resort in Italy has now been apprehended by the Italian police.

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