Cédrick Noufele, from Equinoxe Cameroon to Radio Canada

A new destination for Cédrick Noufele, the former editor of Equinoxe Tv. The man is currently in North America, more precisely in Canada. Especially at Radio Canada.

Cédrick Noufele, from Equinoxe Cameroon to Radio Canada

It Might be over between Equinox TV and key journalist Cedrick Noufele as he is leaving Cameroon. After a little more than 5 years of service, the star journalist of Equinoxe TV and at the same time editor-in-chief of the TV is leaving.

The information is provided by our colleagues at Médiatude.

Note that Radio Canada has been a national public broadcaster serving Canadians for more than 85 years.

“Since August 29, 2022, the former Right of Response presenter has been part of the Radio Canada team, Canada’s oldest broadcasting service headquartered in Ottawa. Cédrick joins the Monitoba station, the fifth most populous province in the country in Western Canada,” writes Médiatude.

“At Radio Canada, the national public broadcaster serving Canadians for more than 85 years, Cédrick Noufele finds other Cameroonian journalists like Godlove Kamwa and Elvis Nouemsi Njiké”, adds the newspaper.

Cédrick Noufélé, according to information released by Médiatude, leaves obtained “an opportunity outside Cameroon”. He who the television channel, but not only this channel of which he was the editor. Noufélé left Cameroon and Africa to go to the West.

According to reports, Noufélé has not tendered his resignation, but sources say he will not return.

“For the moment, he has not yet given a letter of resignation”, we are told within Equinoxe. However, many colleagues believe that the journalist will not return, given his ambitions. “Cédrick Noufele has always been a very ambitious person. He has always challenged himself to go beyond Cameroon. He has been preparing his departure from Cameroon for years”, explains a source within the channel quoted by Médiatude.

Suspended at the beginning of April 1 for a period of one month by the National Communication Council (CNC), the editor-in-chief of Equinoxe Tv ac announced his return to the sets of the program Droit de Répon this Sunday, May 29, 2022.

“Happy Sunday! Political analyst Aristide Mono, CPDM MP Engelbert Essomba Bengono, columnist Edmond Kamguia and MRC executive Lebon Engelbert Datchoua dissect the major facts of national news from 12 p.m. on Equinoxe Television…Right to Answer… The Clash of ideas brings out the light. Thank you for being there”, it is with these words that he announced to his fans.

The return of Cedrick Noufele was welcomed by many Internet users. They congratulate the journalist who agreed to submit to the CNC’s injunctions.

“It was very long this absence. You have given proof that you are good legalists despite the injustice of this sanction. Welcome back and God bless Cameroon! Darkness does not

“The big comeback! Impatience is something. Welcome back warrior”,

“Your immense talent should bring you more to another environment. Courage, perseverance and determination. Good wind Cédrick Noufele”; netizens comment.

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