Sad News: Hired Killers Storm Home Of Popular Nigerian Comedian & Tiktoker Doctall Kingsley and Steal All His Valuables

Story Highlights
  • Hired Killers Storm Home of Comedian Doctall Kingsley
  • They Killers were probaly sent to kill him as he explained
  • The killers entered via the Kitchen
  • All his hard earned valuables from 2020 till date were taken
  • The killers transferred all the money from his account to an untraceable account
  • Even his car was taken too

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Sad News: Hired Killers Storm Home Of Popular Nigerian Comedian & Tiktoker Doctall Kingsley and Steal All His Valuables. According to reports, Ogbonna Buchi Kingsley, better known by his stage name Doctall Kingsley, who is a popular Nigerian skit maker revealed to the general public that his household was broken into and attacked by armed robbers alleged to be hired, killers.

Unfortunately, the comedian disclosed that he was assaulted in his home on Wednesday,19th October 2022 by armed attackers wielding sophisticated weapons who forced their way into his apartment through the back door of the kitchen and confined him and his family for no less than an hour or more while they perpetrated the evil act.

In addition, he went on to disclose that they made off with his cash, specifically all his life savings, various electronic devices, and the brand-new car he purchased just two weeks before the sad incident.

Furthermore, he made mentioned how his wife was still shaken up, emotionally scarred, and devastated about the situation, coupled with the fact that she recently just gave birth through a cesarean section operation in the hospital.

Meanwhile, after publishing the video in which he discussed the entire sorrowful event, he added saying,” the rate of insecurity in Lagos and in Nigeria at large is extremely high, I and my family are traumatized by this robbery incident we believe the @nigeriapoliceforce are doing their best to catch this criminal, I hope I and my family recover from this. May God help us all”.


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