Sad News: Accident Kills Four aLong Tiko Road

Sad News: Accident Kills Four aLong Tiko Road. The tragedy occurred in the South West region, where a truck broke into and crushed two cars, leaving four dead including the driver and leaving many injured.

place of Incident

According to sources, the truck lost its brakes. In its mad rush, the truck hit at least two cars before ending up on the third; all three were driving in the opposite direction. The accident left four people dead and several others injured. The material damage is also to be taken into account.

The injured were transported to a health facility in the town of Tiko. The lifeless bodies of the deceased were taken to the morgue where they are being kept. After these formalities, the authorities opened an investigation to determine the exact causes of the tragedy and to establish responsibilities.

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This accident is a reminder of previous ones that occurred in this locality; two people lost their lives on the Douala-Tiko axis on June 30 last year as a result of a traffic accident on the Meslele bridge. On 5 September 2021, another accident occurred in Tiko when two vehicles collided, leaving one dead and two injured.


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