Sad News: A woman in Bafoussam is suspected of being behind the death of her husband

Sad News: A woman in Bafoussam is suspected of being behind the death of her husband. Rackyl ngompe, 37 years old and a former student at the University Institute of Technology in Bandjoun, in the western region who became a civil engineer was discovered hanging from a rope in the town of Bafoussam yesterday Monday.

From family sources, this man was in conflict with his wife who would be a former university friend. They were together in the same sector and to this day, the lady is a senior executive in the cadastre in the western region of Cameroon.
The family of the deceased had to pay a large sum of money to release him from the cell, following an altercation with his wife who had reported him to the police.

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And while the first elements of the investigation evoke a suicide, the family of this teacher categorically rejects this hypothesis. She rather evokes a disguised assassination and asks that the companion of their son be arrested and auditioned. Except that so far this woman has not been found.

She has been missing since the macabre discovery. This comforts the family of the deceased without their absolute quest for truth in this tragic death. The investigation is ongoing.

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