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What is the purpose of career orientation?

You’ve been hearing people talking about career orientation. What is the purpose of career orientation? Everyone has a dream career in life and some end up realising their dreams. This isn’t always the case with the majority out there.

The reason many end up stranded in life and can’t get their dream job is that they choose the wrong career path and had no one to guide and orientate them.

What are career orientations?

Career orientations refer to the way in which people view and approach their career, which is assumed to be an essential driving force behind their career choices and career self-management behaviour

What is your professional orientation?

Professional Orientation is assistance provided by the Agency to the unemployed and other job seekers in the choice of occupation or employment through testing and interviews and information on the demand for certain occupations and employment opportunities.

What is career orientation for students?

It is a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the knowledge, skills, information, and experience to identify career options available. In India, awareness, and information about various career options available to students passing out of school are limited.

The purpose of career orientation

What is the purpose of career orientation?
What is the purpose of career orientation?

Career orientation is something that should be taught to students who are schooling and hoping to become someone tomorrow. As education systems are diversifying and expanding, the creation of new jobs and opportunities are changing the way individuals make their career choices.

Guidance is an imperative term that has a far-reaching impact on individuals’ lives. From the cradle to the grave, correct career guidance plays a vital role in shaping the path of life. When it comes to careers, we know that we are living in a very competitive era where one has to compete in every section of their life to obtain the ultimate goal.

Where formal sources of career guidance are not easily accessible, individuals tend to rely on their family and friends, leading to choices where they end up in careers they do not see a successful future in.

What is Career Guidance or orientation?

Career guidance is the process of helping individuals (school/college students or professionals) in making adequate educational and occupational choices and in making career decisions based on the demand and requirements of future work.

Career guidance helps individuals make a shift from the general understanding of life and work to a more specific understanding of the realistic and practical career options that are available to them.

What is the purpose of career orientation?

Academic career guidance is one of the most important guidance that students need to nurture their future. The decisions of early student life have a major impact on their career, which is not just restricted to their academics but has an impact on their social, financial, and personal life. Students are considered the future of a country, and for a prosperous future, students need correct guidance, especially at an early stage of their academics. The correct guidance by an expert career guidance counsellor will help the students to understand and choose their career options as per their knowledge, skills, interest, and capability.

The process of career orientation for students involves helping them to achieve their identified career options or acquire their professional goals. The role of a career guidance expert ranges from acting as a guide to leading the entire course of action.

Take, for example, a student who is pretty sure about what he wants to do, and says he wants to become an Architect. So, proper career guidance would help him choose the right stream in 10th class, what entrance exams he should prepare for, which colleges to seek admission to and what scholarships are available for him.

Role of career guidance counsellor

A professional career guidance counsellor guides the students to find the best and most suitable career option for them. This guidance has proved to be prosperous, thriving, and life-changing for many students. A career guidance counsellor is like a doctor who can easily identify the problems in the students and guide them in the most appropriate manner. Nowadays, career counselling services are available in almost every part of the country. We live in a digital world where these services can also be easily available online.

The purpose of career orientation: Career guidance and career counselling

What is the purpose of career orientation?
What is the purpose of career orientation?

Career Guidance or orientation is assisting individuals in achieving their desired career goals which includes acting as a guide, leading and setting up a course of action, whereas career counselling, not very different from guidance, is a process which helps individuals in knowing and understanding themselves through career assessment tests or psychometric tests.

The importance of career counselling and career guidance in a student’s life can be easily understood if it is compared with the education system. It acts as a guide and counsellor to the students from their tender age until they reach the last graduation level. There is a lot of difference in the concept of career counselling and career guidance.

Both are concerned with the process of deciding what to do next in your career or guiding your decision-making. The difference is subtle but important. It is important to understand the difference between career guidance and career counselling. Whereas career guidance has only an advisory role, career counselling provides definite treatment to the issues of career development. 

  • Career counselling primarily involves pointing out the motives and objectives of actions, whereas Career guidance requires implementing technical advice only.
  • The nature of career guidance is preventive and the nature of career counselling is remedial, healing, and curative. 
  • Career guidance is given on career-related problems and education whereas career counselling is given on education, career, personal, and psychology-related problems. 
  • In summary, Career counselling is more encompassing of your life as a whole and provides you with options that makes you more responsible for your future. Career guidance is tailored to the issue at hand and provides an answer to the problem but doesn’t help with long-term solutions or overall happiness. Career counselling can profoundly affect your future.
  • An analysis of processes and situations is the core part of career counselling. Career guidance focuses on processes.
  • Career guidance is provided by an experienced person in a particular field. Career counselling is provided by trained expert professionals called career counsellors. 
  • Career Counselling is the process of exploring career choices, options, and direction by bringing out interests, skills, values, and aptitudes. Career Guidance is the process of helping a person choose a career path by considering his present, future, and internal demands and requirements for success. 
  • Career Guidance is about the process of getting external advice. Career Counseling is about looking inward for solutions.
  • In Career guidance, the expert decides for you, and in Career counselling, the counsellor enables you to decide for yourself.
  • Career counselling is a private matter, and all information you share with your counsellor will remain confidential. Career guidance is quite open to discussion. 
  • The career guidance approach is more objective and impersonal, while the Career counselling approach is more subjective and personal.

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