Shocking News: Popular Nigeria Singer Kizz Daniel is detained in Tanzania amid failure to perform in a show

Shocking News: Popular Nigeria Singer Kizz Daniel is detained in Tanzania amid failure to perform in a show. Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, Known as Kizz Daniel, singer of the trending “Buga” refused to perform in Tanzania because his aides didn’t come along with his gold chain says an associate of Nigerian singer and songwriter Kizz Daniel.

He had complained about his luggage not being brought in time by the airline that took him to Tanzania, citing that he could not get on stage without his accessories.

The popular songwriter and singer still refused to perform on stage even though the show organisers had spent USD 300,000 for the organisation of the show and even taken accommodative measures with new clothing.

Show organiser reveals why Kizz Daniel refused to perform in Tanzania

In an interview with a broadcaster, Daddy Freeze, Uwa, who is also a Nigerian, claimed the singer refused to perform because he did not have his complete set of gold chains, which he had planned to wear for the event.

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The show organiser explained that the airline which he travelled with failed to bring one of his bags which contained his gold chains and Kizz Daniel insisted he could not perform without them, despite collecting $60,000.

”He said the airline didn’t bring his bag that is why he cannot perform because his gold chain is not there and he had a gold chain on his neck. He wanted everything,” Uwa said.

“The table (regular) for that show was set for $5,000 and the highest table was set for $10,000. My company is new here.

“I paid this guy $60,000 to perform on this show. I kneel down on my knees (sic) bro you are damaging me. I’m a Nigerian, everybody thinks I defrauded them,” Uwa said.

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