Nigerian student killed by a private plane he rented for a date with a girl in the US

Nigerian student killed by a private plane he rented for a date with a girl in the US. Sani Aliyu, 21, died on the evening of Sunday, October 16 in a freak accident after hitting the spinning propeller of a small plane on the way home from a date with a young woman. According to the local press, the Georgia Southern University student was returning to the plane, which was being piloted by his two friends, when he was hit twice in the head at the Statesboro-Bulloch County airport.

The young sophomore in management at Georgia Southern University flew Cessna to Savannah with a young woman, a town in Georgia located more than 55 kilometres, or just over an hour’s drive from the university where he studied.

“  They flew to Savannah to go on a date, came back, landed at Statesboro airport, and the young woman got off the plane, and he got off the plane and got directed towards the front of the aircraft. And when he wanted to get up the propeller hit him,” Bulloch County Coroner Jake Futch told the Statesboro Herald to confirm the information.

A Federal Aviation Administration spokesman said the crash happened when the plane was “circling the ramp area” and stood still around 10:35 p.m. Sunday. The single-engine Cessna carried four passengers in the plane, the pilot, the co-pilot as well as Mr Aliyu and his partner.

“  No one is really responsible for anything. It was an accident. “said Bulloch County Sheriff Todd Hutchens. Georgia Southern University honoured the late Mr Aliyu, who majored in management.

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