Nigerian artist Naira Marley Explains Why He’s Not Signed to any Record Label

Nigerian artist Naira Marley Explains Why He’s Not Signed to any Record Label. Singer of “The Marlians” Naira Marley’s success has not been a result of any record label support or push. In fact, Naira Marley is not signed to any record label. He is an independent artist.

During his interview with the Complex UK, Naira Marley opened up more about that, explaining why he isn’t signed to any record label and why he keeps rejecting their offers to sign him. Here is what Naira Marley said.

With his song of a unique style titled “The Marlians”, He has catapulted his name to many households across the nation. Naira Marley is doing amazing, and he also just dropped his studio album God’s Timing’s The Best.

Nigerian artist Naira Marley Explains Why He's Not Signed to any Record Label
Nigerian artist Naira Marley Explains Why He’s Not Signed to any Record Label

“You’re still an independent artist, but I can bet a top dollar you’ve been approached by most, if not all of the major labels wanting a piece of your Marlian movement. Why haven’t you signed with anyone yet?”

I think I have enough money now to promote myself and do my own videos. I just need to know what a label could do for me that I can’t do for myself? It’s not really clear. If they give me money, they’ll probably ask me to give them loads of albums and hand it in when they want it handed in, but the way I work: I work when I want to work. I record when I want; I do interviews when I want… I do music for fun. Even though it’s a job, it’s still a hobby. I don’t take it too seriously for people to be controlling me.

“Like your album title states: God’s timing is the best. With that being said, do you think you’ve got more to prove until you really have that breakthrough moment?”

I don’t think I still have things to prove. Personally, I feel like I’ve made it. I’m so blessed that I found a way out. My family’s blessed, and I’m good. So I don’t think I have anything to prove to anyone—this is God’s timing. I’m lit! But I’ve still got a lot to do, just for myself. I don’t think anyone else can decide what’s best for Naira Marley but Naira Marley.

“What’s next for you? “

Look forward to me being the President of Nigeria [laughs]. Look forward to all the Marley Music artists. Look forward to me being at the top! Just look up and I will be there. I’ve also got a lot of big business deals coming up. I’m a businessman—making money is something I’m good at, but music most definitely comes first so expect that and a lot more from me and my camp.

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