Mbouda: Two Children Discovered Dead

Mbouda: Two Children Discovered Dead. Two children who went to spend the holidays in Bafemgha, a locality in the Mbouda Subdivision are reported to have been drugged and sexually violated leading to their deaths.

Their names we got as Ryan and Rochinelle, were aged 5 and 3 respectively. Left home by their guardians in the early hours of yesterday morning, they were discovered at about 1 pm lying in an unconscious and critical state. Baby Rochinelle died on the spot while Ryan, still breathing, was urgently taken to the Babadjou Medical centre where he later gave up the ghost.

For now, nobody knows who could have carried out such a gruesome crime.

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Preliminary reports from medics have it that the two kids were either drugged and abused to death or consumed a toxic substance before being violated.

Investigations are currently going on.

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