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Massive Recruitment at Sainte Raphaëlle Marie Medical Center in Odza-Yaounde

Massive Recruitment at Sainte Raphaëlle Marie Medical Center in Odza-Yaounde. Sainte Raphaëlle Marie Medical Center is recruiting massively (CM-SRM) to enable it to provide an appropriate response to the health problems of populations from vulnerable and disadvantaged social strata.

It is in this context that the Medical Center is looking for competent and experienced people for the positions to be filled within its structure located in Yaoundé in Cameroon in the Odza-Mehandan district, a place called Plaque L&B.


  • 01 Technical Director (General Practitioner with a minimum of 5 years of experience and registered with the Order of Doctors of Cameroon);
  • 01 Laboratory Medical and Sanitary Technician (TMS);
  • 01 Assistant Laboratory Technician (ATMS);
  • 01 State-certified nurse (IDE);
  • 01 Midwife;
  • 01 Caregiver;
  • 01 Pharmacy clerk;
  • 01 Cashier;
  • 01 Maintenance worker;
  • 01 Security officer.
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Contract start date: as soon as possible;

Type of Contract: CDD that can lead to a CDI;

Place of work: Yaoundé-Cameroon;

Deadline for admissibility of application files: August 2, 2022, at 3:30 p.m.

Composition and submission of applications

Composition (required) of the application files:

  • 01 cover letter;
  • 01 CV and supporting documents.

All applications will be received, either by e-mail at the following address: or at our headquarters located in Yaoundé in the Odza-Mehandan district at a place called Plaque L&B.

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