“Life from hell”: A student commits suicide by hanging while leaving a letter for his family in Kankan, Guinea

“Life from hell”: A student commits suicide by hanging while leaving a letter for his family in Kankan, Guinea.

On Monday, August 08, the body of a young student was found hanged in a concession, in the Kabada 1 district. The deceased, Mamadi Cissé was a 2nd-year student in Civil Engineering at Gamal Abdel Nasser University in Conakry, and was on vacation in the city of Kankan with his family in the city, learns our correspondent.

Moussa Cissé, cousin of the deceased tells us the circumstances in which he discovered the body:

“  When I came in the morning to bring him his breakfast, he told me he wasn’t hungry. I saw the door open a bit and he was behind it. In the meantime, I stopped because I thought he wanted to scare me. After looking for coal and fire for my father, I took a friend’s torch to check. I then pushed open the door, it was at this moment that I saw his body suspended  ”,  – Moussa Cissé.

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Informed, the central police commissioner of Kankan Hamidou Doré gives us an update ”  It was this morning that we received a call from our agents informing us that in a concession in the Kabada1 district a lifeless body was there. find. We immediately went to the scene. We found that it was a young man who hanged himself. He left writing, we are in the process of taking note of this writing. That way, we will eventually know what motivated him to end his life,” he says.

Mr Mory Cissé, the late uncle describes his nephew to us:

“  Mamadi was a young man who didn’t drink, smoke or use drugs. He prayed regularly. As far as I know, he didn’t argue with anyone. I would say it’s fate,” he hinted.

For now, we are awaiting the contents of the letter from the deceased whose title is: Life in Hell.

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