June 2023 Cameroon GCE Examination registration information for candidates

Here is all the June 2023 Cameroon GCE Examination registration information for candidates.

The following and any additional instructions given to you fay your Chief of Centre must be strictly respected. The Board will NOT accept entries that fail to comply with these instructions.

1. Take along the following documents to the Chief of Centre for registration:
• Clean and clear photocopy of Birth Certificate
• Clean and clear photocopy of National Identity Card (for External Candidates)
• Clean and clear photocopy of Ordinary Level Results Slip or any relevant certificate for those registering for Advanced Level, and those going in for partial registration.

2. Consult the Examination Timetable for the June 2023 session on page 4 of this leaflet and the existing Regulations and Syllabuses before making any entry. Choice of subjects should not clash. Candidates would not be allowed to sit for a subject that is not on their Individual Timetable. No adjustments will be made if clashes occur with any other subject, examination or event.

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3. Examination Fees
Three types of examination fees are payable, namely: Registration Fee, Subject Fee and Practical Fee.
All fees must be paid ONLY through MTN Cameroon Mobile Money by the candidate. Do not pay your money through the Chief of centre or to any other person. Only the 1000 FCFA (for franking of Form G3/T3) shall be paid to the Chief of Centre.
NB: Claims for excess payments will not be attended to.

Ordinary Level Entry
Registration Fee: 8,000 FCFA
Subject Fee: 1,000 FCFA per subject
Practical Fee: 5,000 FCFA per subject

Advanced Level Entry
Registration Fee: 9,000 FCFA
Subject Fee: 2,000 FCFA per subject
Practical Fee: 5,000 FCFA per subject.

1000FCFA for franking of Form G3/T3 as per (Ministerial letter N° 66033/MINFI/DOI/DRFVC/SDVF/BC of 30th August, 2022). Apart from these, no other fees should be charged.
No Form shall be accepted by the Board without the payment of all corresponding examination fees and bearing attached copies of all relevant documents. Check your receipt to be sure that the subject entries and fees are correct.

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