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Job opportunity: Primary School teacher needed in Bangou town

Job opportunity: Primary School teacher needed in Bangou town. We need a primary school female teacher for a 9-12 months teaching contract at Bangou town, West Region ( 30 mins drive from Bafoussam).

  • Salary: 50,000 frs,/ month slightly negotiable.


-A free farmland for cultivation( this will enable you to earn more money from your farm harvest and also spend less to buy food. This directly gives you the opportunity to save more money).

  • Very cheap rents ( not more than 5000 FRS for a 2-room house and 2,500 for 1 room).
  • We will pay you for 12 months and the contract is renewable so that you don’t have to start looking for a new job and/or transfer to a new location.
  • Possibility of teaching other people’s children and earning more.
  • The water here is free ( borehole water is available)
  • And you will not need any extra money for daily transportation charges to the job site.
For more details, contact: Call/WhatsApp 674433813/657590126/678989713

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