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Job Offer: IT Manager / Network Administrator

Job Offer: IT Manager / Network Administrator. A local company is looking for 01 IT Manager / Network Administrator.

You will be responsible for setting up, streamlining and ensuring the proper functioning of the group’s information system and computer equipment. You will work on many types of projects: classic e-commerce sites, management of the various servers, maintenance and proper functioning of the computer park. You will also be in charge of coordinating the development of shared digital services and tools for the whole group.


  •  You are responsible for the proper functioning of a company’s information system.
  •  You are able to administer the group’s information system
  •  You implement the various server backup and maintenance strategies, the workings of which you know perfectly
  •  You master the appropriate computer techniques and languages
Job offer: Community Manager

Your missions will revolve around two major missions:
1. The implementation and administration of the information system

  •  Ensure the implementation of centralized authentication of workstations
  •  Ensure server security and backup
  •  Ensure the implementation of a password management tool at the group level with access according to roles
  •  Audit IT hardware at the server level (UPS, etc.)
  •  Maintain computer workstations
  •  Ensure the management of the computer park
  •  Provide troubleshooting for group users
  •  Check if local networks are protected from external intrusions

2. Coordination of maintenance actions, backup, and upgrades of servers and computer equipment (system admin):

  •  Ensure the implementation of a backup strategy for file servers
  •  Ensure the implementation of high availability of websites
  •  Check server security rules
  •  Coordinate the creation of user accounts on servers
  •  Provide server maintenance


  •  Man Woman
  •  You have a Bac+ 3 to Bac+ 5 training in computer science
  •  Rigorous, picky, and open,
  •  Efficient, reactive (ve), and proactive (ve),
  •  Versatile, adaptable, and proactive,
  •  Bilingual,
  •  You have already ensured the proper functioning of a global information system and the maintenance of a computer park
  •  You master enterprise backup strategies
  •  You are proficient in computer troubleshooting


Applications are expected at

Expiry date: 12-11-2022 

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