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Job offer in Cameroon: Senior researcher in global and public health

Full-time (40 hours per week) Job offer in Cameroon: Senior researcher in global and public health by the Nkafu Policy Institute in Yaoundé.

Overview of the Nkafu Policy Institute

The Nkafu Policy Institute is a nonpartisan, independent think tank at the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation based in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Its mission is to advance public policies that help all Africans prosper in free, fair, and sustainable economies. The Institute provides independent, in-depth and insightful policy recommendations that advance the Cameroonian economy and the economies of other sub-Saharan African countries and promote peace and security issues across Africa.

Founded in 2012, the Nkafu Policy Institute is grounded on its independent, high-quality research and innovative policy prescriptions. The Nkafu Policy Institute brings together leading analysts, experts and contributors from three continents, Africa, Europe, and America, in governance and democracy; health and education; peace and security; science and technology; and economic policy.

About the Health Policy and Research Division

Healthcare delivery in Cameroon faces significant challenges. Critical shortages in health care personnel, the lack of adequate infrastructure, and the absence of credible health insurance schemes have led to decreased demand and consequent an increase in morbidity and mortality. The Health Policy and Research Division at the institute seeks to address these challenges through research and policy advocacy. Current efforts are centered on delineating access to care, especially surgical care, the quest to curb non-communicable diseases and injuries.

To further our health research activities in Cameroon, we are recruiting a Full-time Senior Researcher in Global Surgery and Public Health to be based in Yaoundé, Cameroon

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Position Overview

The Senior Researcher must be internally motivated, dedicated, possess experience working in multidisciplinary teams, and have the capacity to communicate with both internal and external collaborators. He/she will work with a team in conducting research in global health, specifically in global surgery, advocacy, and policy analysis. Learning opportunities include an introduction to global health and global surgery and research and public health experience.

Job Qualifications:

  • A minimum of a Master’s degree in public health or other relevant fields. A PhD in Public Health or an MD is preferred.
  • Must have expertise in developing public health policy, preferably with experience in policy analysis.
  • Required skills include data collection and interpretation, developing strategic plans and a complete mastery of public health policies of Cameroon.
  • Strong research background
  • MUST be proactive and motivated
  • Good computer literacy.
  • People skills are also necessary as this job involves public education, program coordination and advocacy.
  • Good social media communication skills


Applicants are expected to show a demonstrated ability to mentor junior staff and communicate interim and final results to general audiences. A record of peer-reviewed publications consistent with experience is expected. Experience working in the health care industry (private or public sector) is also desirable.

Personal Attributes:

  • He/She needs to have strong communication (bilingual candidates preferred)and facilitation skills. Advocating for changes in public policy requires a confident person who can speak to public officials or stand before an audience and make a convincing case.
  • He/She needs to have good writing skills. This will be expected to write research manuscripts, articles, create news releases, bulletins, reports, posters, fliers and other documents.
  • He/She must be creative and think out of the box.
  • Other needed skills include multitasking, paying attention to details and working well independently and as a team member
  • Track record of creativity, adaptability, personal accountability and initiative.
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Other Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to take initiative and complete project assignments independently and on time.
  • Organizational skills and performing job requirements efficiently and orderly.
  • Ability to maintain a high degree of privacy and confidentiality.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Under the direct supervision of the Director of the Health Policy and Research Division of the Nkafu Policy Institute, the duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  • The Senior Researcher will be required to conduct research and write research articles on health care delivery in Africa. Special emphasis will be on surgical care delivery.
  • Engage in public debates related to health care policy in Cameroon, Africa and globally.
  • Produce, with the assistance of team members, health infographics, reports etc and communicate them through traditional and modern media outlets.
  • Present findings to public policymakers, service providers, community groups and the news media.

Other Tasks:

Write at least one article a month for On Policy on issues that can contribute to the economic transformation of Cameroon and Africa in the area of global health.

Job offer in Cameroon: Senior researcher in global and public health- APPLICATION PROCEDURE

All applications must be submitted using our online application portal. Before applying, applicants are expected to prepare a CV, cover letter and a writing sample (published or draft journal article)

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All applications MUST be submitted via the online portal below. No application will be accepted through email.

The position will be opened until filled. Candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until the position is filled. It is in your best interest to apply early.

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