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Job Offer: 02 Accounting Assistants (Accountants) at Plan International

Job Offer: 02 Accounting Assistants (Accountants) at Plan International. Terms of reference for 02 assistant accounts in the finance department of the global fund’s project.

1. Context

As part of the fight against HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, the Cameroonian government has been supported for several years by grants from the Global Fund through its New Funding Model (NMF). The current 2021-2023 (NMF3) malaria grant follows on from the 2018-2020 (NMF2) grant. This grant provides funding for community interventions in the fight against the three diseases of AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria through an integrated approach. Thus, the Ministry of Public Health (MINSANTE) in its capacity as Principal Recipient (PR) is implementing this grant through the National Malaria Control Program (PNLP) with two Sub-Recipients (SR), including a humanitarian SR in charge of the North-West/South-West regions and a community SR for the other eight regions. These SRs are responsible for supporting the NMCP in the optimal implementation of Community Directed Interventions (ISDC) for the three programs and other priority programs of the MOH. This collaboration was materialized through the signing of a service contract for the sub-project of the project entitled “Scaling up malaria control for high impact”, the objective of which is to reduce by 60% 2023, the mortality and morbidity due to malaria, compared to the situation in 2015.

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2. The tasks to be performed by the account assistants

These account assistants will aim to:

  • Follow for the recovery of all the parts still at the level of the communities
  • Assist in controlling expenditures and only tallying actual grant expenditures against Global Fund line items on a monthly basis and alerting management of any irregularities
  • Review FG grant budget entries in SAP/TOMPRO and keep records of budget changes on the file
  • Assist in the analysis of DCSO financial reports to verify compliance with GAD requirements/processes and that any discrepancies are addressed appropriately
  • Process SAP payments on time and in accordance with Global Fund procedures.
  • Review requisition and payment records before making actual payments, taking into account the risk of fraud and corruption.
  • Ensures that funds are available in the bank to avoid insufficient funds at any given time.
  • Process CDI payments for field activities through the Mobile Money Wallet
  • Keep all unused checks and check stubs safe in the safe.
  • Prepare monthly bank reconciliation
  • Prepare monthly OM/MTN reconciliation
  • Develop the BVA and ensure that issues are reported and resolved accordingly
  • Assist in reconciling grant expenditures and budget accurately and on time
  • Provide timely and correct responses to questions related to Global Fund grant funding.
  • Provide assistance during audits for accurate, timely and organized audit activities
  • Ensure that all financial information relating to GF grants is filed in an organized manner and can be easily retrieved
  • Ensure that Plan’s child protection policy and related procedures are adhered to in all aspects of work
  • Photocopy of all documents if necessary
  • Posting of accounting information in SAP and Tompro software
  • Scanning documents for backup
  • Cancellation of all accounting documents
  • Recording of all documents sent and received at the Department of Finance in the appropriate registers
  • All other relevant tasks
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Because of all this, the recruitment of 02 account assistants for a renewable period of 01 year will help us achieve our objectives.

Qualifications and experience

  • University degree in accounting, finance, management,
  • At least 2 years of experience, preferably in an international development organization,
  • Good experience and knowledge of internal financial controls and procedures
  • Good experience and knowledge of accounting and management rules and procedures
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3. Profile requested

  • BAC +2 in accounting

Location : Yaounde, Ebolowa

Closing Date: 08-18-22

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