Insecurity: Kidnapper kidnaps a student from the Bafoussam bilingual high school and demands 3 Million in ransom

Insecurity: Kidnapper kidnaps a student from the Bafoussam bilingual high school and demands 3 Million in ransom. According to the daily La Nouvelle Expression, a young man in his twenties thwarted the school’s security system to kidnap a student. He arrived at the establishment, on the day of the new school year, pretending to be the manual labour teacher.

“He arrived with the new teachers. It was around 10 o’clock. No one could recognize him, apart from the head of the establishment who receives them on their arrival. Especially since not everyone was at the general meeting.

What created this weakness in the identification of this individual” explains Maurice Kuipou, principal of the Lycée Bilingue de Bafoussam who confided in the Journal.

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The usurper talks to the students for about ten minutes. He is interrupted by the general supervisor who notices that the institution’s TM program is not yet available, which attracts his attention and creates doubts. The kidnapper takes advantage of the supervisor’s departure to escape, taking a student with him. Claiming that they are going to get the course material he brought. The criminal takes the child to a secret place, from where he makes a call to the child’s parents, to demand a ransom of three million CFA francs.

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The investigations of the judicial police, made it possible, after three days, to find the victim as well as the kidnapper, who is currently in custody, for exploitation” indicates the headmaster. The respondent is in exploitation because he was arrested three days after his arrest.

A situation that recalls many other cases of insecurity in schools in Cameroon. Indicators of the porosity and failure of the security system in high schools and colleges in Cameroon at a time when child abductions are more and more recurrent.

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