HTTC Bertoua: Registration procedure for the entrance examinations into the ENS de Bertoua 

HTTC Bertoua: Registration procedure for the entrance examinations into the ENS de Bertoua. Steps To Follow To Apply For Entrance Examinations At HTTC Bertoua.

The Bertoua ENS Concours is launched every year in Cameroon and concerns candidates at the GCE Advanced level or Baccalaureate for the first cycle or Baccalaureate Candidates for those entering the Second cycle.

Registration procedure

Note that you must have already paid the Competition entry fee via SCB Bank or Express Exchange before you can complete your online entry.

When creating the account, the chosen profile photo will be used as the candidate’s photo on the registration form.

If you already have a user account, please log in by clicking on  MODIFY AN APPLICATION .
To access the opening decrees for the competitive entrance examinations for ENS Bertoua, click on  CONCOURS ENSB CYCLE I  or on  CONCOURS ENSB CYCLE II .

  • In case of a problem, please write to us at  concours @ ens

Registration procedure for the entrance examinations into the ENS de Bertoua

Registration for the Bertoua ENS competitions is done in two stages:

Step 1: Composition of the physical file
Please gather all the documents required on the opening order for the entrance examination to the ENS of Bertoua for which you are applying and bring the original receipt for payment of the entrance examination fees at SCB Cameroon bank.

Step 2: Registration on the platform

Registration is done in two main phases:
Phase 1: Creation of the user account
To create an account, click  CREATE AN APPLICATION . Once the account has been created, you will be automatically redirected to the login form where you will enter your login credentials (login and password).

Phase 2: Entering Information
From the registration page, please enter your personal information to apply. Click each time on “NEXT” to advance or on “PREVIOUS” to return to the previous page. At the end click on the “SEND” button to save the information entered. While on the registration page, be sure to enter your personal information to apply.

NB : at the end of registration, please print the application form which is part of the elements of the application file . This sheet can be printed at any time. To do this, click on the “Form” link in the left column of the home page, then on the “Print” button.


If you notice an error on your application form, you can always update your data on the platform before applications close. To do this, connect by clicking on the  MODIFY AN APPLICATION link and enter your connection parameters (username and password). 

If you cannot remember your password, click on the  FORGOT PASSWORD link. Navigate, checking with the “NEXT” link, to the page with the error and make the appropriate changes. Don’t forget to go to the last page and click on “SEND” to save the updates made.

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