How to get rid of cockroaches from your kitchen

How to get rid of cockroaches from your kitchen. Cockroaches are probably the most annoying and disgusting insects to ever invade the human habitat. The insects can be a nuisance especially if they invade the kitchen.

Every family undoubtedly has these unwelcome visitors roaming around their homes unperturbed about their potential ability to spread diseases or embarrass hosts by suddenly crawling from beneath crevasses in front of visitors.

The most annoying thing about cockroaches as they are occasionally referred to is that their relatively small heads and flattened oval body make it easier for them to squeeze through tiny spaces and hide in the most unlikely places thus making it harder to eradicate them. 

The pests flourish in dirty places, especially where you store your foodstuff. They can be a nuisance especially if they invade the most precious section of our houses; the kitchen.

Dirty dishes left overnight in the sink particularly provide an opportunity for cockroaches to make the kitchen section of most homes their home too. 

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How to get rid of cockroaches from your kitchen

  • To minimise this from happening, ensure all food containers in the kitchen cabinets are sealed and food debris cleared off the floor before bedtime.
  • Kitchen equipment that handles food as microwaves should also be kept clean at all times to prevent cockroaches from invading them at night.
  • You can also keep cockroaches at bay by emptying and thoroughly cleaning kitchen cabinets regularly.
  • Closing up small tiny spaces or cracks around your kitchen will also minimise their invasion by ensuring they have no hiding place.

You can achieve this by using a waterproof sealant especially if the cracks are under the sink.

  • If the insects keep showing up or continue to grow in number, you can opt to contact a pest control professional to fumigate your house. 
  • These experts can also help you identify spots where the insects could be hiding.

Another step is eliminating any unnecessary sources of water such as leaking pipes under sinks.

This is because just like human beings, cockroaches need water to survive and leaking pipes are a lifeline for them in your house.

Overall, ensure your kitchen is dry before retiring to bed. The final method, applying cockroach killers and repellents all around your kitchen every night can eradicate them. 

However, be cautious with these products by keeping them away from food to avoid contaminating your food.

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