Here is what the SDF said to French President Emanuel Macron during his visit to Cameroon

Here is what the SDF said to French President Emanuel Macron during his visit to Cameroon which took place from July 25 to 26, 2022. During this period of his visit to Cameroon, the Social Democratic Front (SDF) exchanged with French parliamentarians on the sidelines of the visit to Cameroon.

Mrs Adeline Lord Djomgang, the Secretary General of the SDF represented her political formation, at the time of a discussion between some parliamentarians and some representatives of Cameroonian political parties on the sidelines of Macron’s visit to Cameroon. Speaking of the crisis in the North-West and South-West, she says that her political party is the great victim of this crisis.

 ” With regard to the crisis in the North-West and South-West regions, the SDF, which has its headquarters in one of the capitals of the two regions in crisis, raised a concern which is as follows: the history of Cameroon being intimately linked to that of France; and the crisis that has been raging in the North-West and South-West regions since 2016 has its distant origins in the colonial period during which France and the United Kingdom jointly exercised the supervision of the United Nations in Cameroon”, he said . she indicated.

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The majority of English speakers in Cameroon see France as having been complicit in the marginalization!

“I say “distant origin” because I can neither clear customs nor ignore the responsibility of the two regimes which have ruled Cameroon since independence (Ahidjo and Paul Biya) without a shadow of a doubt, their approximate management of the double linguistic and cultural heritage is one of the direct causes of the current situation in the two regions ,” she continued.

It also indexes the role of Macron’s country in this crisis. “ Still, France is considered by the majority of Anglophones as having been complicit in the marginalization and the attempt at assimilation to which they have been subjected. In view of the above, the weight of history and the current perception of some Cameroonians, what role does France, your country, intend to play in contributing to the return of peace in the north-west and south regions? -west? Whether at the diplomatico-political level or at the socio-economic level. »

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