Health: Start of a vaccination campaign against poliomyelitis today in Cameroon

Health: Start of a vaccination campaign against poliomyelitis today in Cameroon. Authorities are trying to maintain polio-free status, threatened by outbreaks of new cases of the disease in recent months.

The third round of the poliomyelitis vaccination campaign starts this Friday, November 4 in 42 health districts in the East, West, Littoral, and Far North regions. It aims to strengthen herd immunity in children from zero to five years old. The type 2 oral polio vaccine will therefore be administered to them, to stop the circulation of the polio virus.

Doctor Njoh Andreas Eteke, the official at the Ministry of Public Health, invites the population to more collaboration.

“Parents must be reassured that their children take the routine vaccine in health facilities. They are also called upon to give authorization to health personnel during their visits to the field, as part of response activities, so that they can vaccinate their children to protect them against the virus.

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On June 18, 2020, the World Health Organization declared Cameroon polio free. Because in 5 successive years, no case of this disease had been declared in the country. But in 2021, a new strain of polio virus, derived from vaccines reappeared in several regions of Cameroon.

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