Ghanaian Prisoner Confess He Became Blind after Attempting to Kill his Prayerful Mother

A Ghanaian prison inmate, Richard Ofosu Dame has confessed to attempting to kill his mother but due to her prayerfulness, he went blind instantly.

Ghanaian Prisoner Confess He Became Blind after Attempting to Kill his Prayerful Mother

The young man disclosed this, among other mind-blowing sinful things in an interview with Crime Check Ghana. According to him, he had been possessed by some evil spirits that were manipulating him to do many sinful things, including masturbation, sleeping with dogs, and killing people through spiritual means, among other things.

“I have a small stone under my bed which I worship. A man gifted it to me. When I want to kill, I get a small doll and pins around it with a red piece of cloth. After that, I put it in a calabash containing water. When the water turns reddish in colour, then it means that the person has been killed. I used the same method to kill three. I also summon people’s souls to kill them,” Dame confessed.

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Ghanaian Prisoner Confess He Became Blind after Attempting to Kill his Prayerful Mother

He said that while his mother was praying for him to repent from his evil ways, her prayers were impeding his spiritual atrocities, so he decided to eliminate her. But the woman was so prayerful that Dame’s spiritual attack failed. Instead, he himself went blind while trying to kill his biological mother.

“It got to a time, my mother’s prayers were obstructing my work. She advised me to stop but I refused. I wanted to take her life the same way I did with the others but it was unsuccessful. I was chanting in a bid to summon my mother’s soul. She was praying that evening and when the incantations got intense, some sort of strange wind blew over my face and that ended my sight. I went blind for two years,” he recalled.

He further confessed that the blindness that befell him while trying to kill his prayerful mother made him realise God’s might. Dame added that he only regained his sight after being taken around to many places to seek help.

“When I lost my sight, I realized that God’s power reigns supreme. I was taken to many places to seek help and through that I encountered God.”

He has become an ambassador against evil and criminal deeds because he has now seen the light.

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