Examination malpractice in South Africa: teachers have found a way to send answers to matriculants during the exam through Whatsapp

Examination malpractice in South Africa: teachers have found a way to send answers to matriculants during the exam through Whatsapp.

It has been found that ” Pupils in several schools allegedly paid teachers up to R1,500 to join WhatsApp groups on which answers were posted while exams were in session”. These teachers and students found a way to cheat which has never been seen before. However, some people that reacted to this were sceptical and wondered how students could’ve been allowed to go into the exam room with their cell phones. 

Here is how people are reacting to this kind of examination scandal

” According to the rules, you cannot come to the writing centre with a cellphone. It is kept in a safe place. Is this a ploy to sell papers? Will the school be named? Tune it, same bat time. Same bat Channel”. 

” Subject teachers and advisors discuss marking guidelines only after the paper has been written. Question papers are delivered on the day the paper is written and bundles are opened in the venue. How does this happen? Something is not made sure”. 

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” This story is weird on so many levels. Firstly, subject teachers are not allowed near exam rooms when their subjects are written. Secondly, subject teachers can not have access to the question paper until learners are done writing. Lastly, the district sends Monitors to observe exam and there’s no way cellphones could have been allowed”. 

According to these people, there are a lot of loop holes to the story. However it is believed that answers were communicated to the students during the exams. This still leaves as question as to why the invigilators were not paying attention to students using their cellphones during the exams. 

One person said ” Before scandalising every child that wrote matric this year, it is fair to name the schools, and names of those involved? This is huge allegation for majority of kids who worked hard for their matric. We know because we live with them and saw them. Waiting for receipts”. Indeed not all children should be punished for this incident as many have studied hard for the exams. We can only hope that the cheaters are caught and brought to justice together with the teachers involved in the scandal. 

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