Entertainment: Groovy Gives Phyna Rules For The Pool Party

Entertainment: Groovy Gives Phyna Rules For The Pool Party. Groovy has recently given Phyna rules for tonight’s pool party, as he told her that she is allowed to dance with any guy in the Big Brother house, but she should not turn her back while dancing with them or allow any of them to carry her.

Recall that yesterday, Phyna initially asked Groovy if they are allowed to dance with others at the party. However, today Groovy came up with an idea that he felt will favour himself and Phyna better.

Groovy felt that it was going to be awkward if he and Phyna decided not to dance with anybody, so he permitted Phyna could dance with any male housemate, but should not back them or let them carry her. Groovy, however, extended the rules to himself as he also stated that he won’t let any female housemates back him, nor will he carry any of them.

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