Education/Kenya: New Details About Junior Secondary Schools Emerges

Education/Kenya: New Details About Junior Secondary Schools Emerges. In the country, there are millions of pupils who are learning the new system. Further, some of them are expected to sit for their final exams starting next week. Further, it is not clear if sixth-grade students will remain in primary schools or if they will move to junior secondary schools.

Sources say new details have just emerged about the place that grade six pupils will join after sitting for their final exams. As per the latest report shared by a well-known source this morning, it has been revealed that students in grade six might remain in their schools for two years before joining high school. It has also been revealed that the CBC might change from 2, 6, 3, 3, to 2, 6, 2, 4, 3.

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These are good news for all parents and students because the government is working hard to make sure that CBC is implemented. The government has spent billions of shillings on training teachers and supplying teaching and learning materials to most schools in the country.

Further, President William Ruto is expected to make a final decision about CBC this year before reopening schools next year.

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