€2800 Chengdu University Scholarships for International Students 2022-2023

€2800 Chengdu University Scholarships for International Students 2022-2023. Chengdu University Scholarships for International Students are available to all international students that are applying to Chengdu University for undergraduate and graduate programmes.


  • Degree students with scholarships will be assessed every year based on their attendance, academic record and performance to decide if they can continue to win the scholarship next year. Students who win a scholarship should pay tuition, accommodation and insurance prior to their entitlement to the scholarship every semester.
  • Non-degree students can apply for a scholarship at the end of the first semester, and, if qualified, receive the scholarship at the beginning of the second semester.
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  • Degree students: Full scholarship: RMB 20,000/year (undergraduate)
  • RMB 25,000/year (graduate)
  • Half scholarship: RMB 10,000/year (undergraduate)
  • RMB 12,500/year (graduate)
  • Non-degree students: First-class: RMB 7,000/Semester
  • Second-class: RMB 5,000/semester
  • Third-class: RMB 3,000/Semester

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