Distribution Of Primary Laptops In Ghana: Here are the Procedures To Collect Your TM1 Laptop

Distribution Of Primary Laptops In Ghana: Here are the Procedures To Collect Your TM1 Laptop. The Distribution of the TM1 Laptops to Primary Teachers which was scheduled to begin this month in some selected regions is in progress at the Tamale Metro after several doubts from teachers.

According to reports in Tamale Metro, the distribution of the laptops require teachers to generate their collection code and report to the collection centre for their laptops. It should be noted that teachers from all regions will use the procedure stated below and hence should take note.

Also teachers in the other regions are to check their schedules at the end of this article to see when they will go for theirs.


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1. Dial *790*555#

2. Select ‘Register for Collection’

3. Choose option 1 for self or option 2 for another person

4. Enter First Name and last name

5. Provide your staff ID

6. At the end, an activation code will be sent to you through SMS.

The activation code must be securely and secretly kept. NOTE: the activation code and the ID card that was used to register will be required for the collection of the laptop.

Right from Tamale, Bono East and West, Ahafo Region and Western North Regions are set to commence from 22nd to 31st August 2022. All Junior High Schools in the above regions will also receive ICT training within the said date. They have to follow the procedure above to get their laptops.

The other Regional schedules are provided below;

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