Defense Minister Struck off One Thousand New Gendarme Recruits for using False Diplomas

Defense Minister Struck off One Thousand New Gendarme Recruits for using False Diplomas. The Minister Delegate at the Presidency of the Republic in charge of Defence has struck off nearly 1,000 new recruits in the defence forces, reveals a message signed yesterday, August 10th 2022.

The decision of Mindef Boss Joseph Beti Assomo punishes candidates holding false diplomas who have passed various competitions for integration into the army and gendarmerie corps in 2022.

The documents state: “The following students, non-commissioned officers of the armed forces, contingent 2022 (…) are struck off the defence forces for having entered with false diplomas”.

These recruits were already undergoing training in the various army camps across the country. Mindef is handing over those concerned to their families and reserves the right to take legal action.

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In order to respond to the various conflicts in which the Defence and Security Forces are engaged, the government has indeed initiated a process of strengthening the army. This year, Mindef launched the recruitment of 1,080 non-commissioned officers, 3,000 gendarmes and 5,330 soldiers and second-class sailors. For a total of 9,410 new recruits. Analysts estimate that the Cameroonian army is 50,000 men strong.

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