Cameroon Probatoire 2022 Results Statistics: South West Region Tops Performance

Cameroon Probatoire 2022 Results Statistics: South West Region Tops Performance. The South West region of Cameroon has emerged overall best in the 2022 probatoire with a success rate of 52.12%. The region that was ranked 4th in 2021 bettered its performance this year despite the current socio-political tension reigning in the region to occupy the first position. A first spot the North West region failed to own in 2021 as it was ranked second. The North West region this year, unfortunately, regressed to the fourth position with a below-average performance of 43.89%

The Littoral with a success rate of 50.44% is second this year followed by the centre region with a success rate of 48.82%.

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The Far North region with a success rate of 27.52%, maintains its last position as was the case last year

According to statistics from the Baccalauréat board published on August 5th 2022, the overall performance dropped this year to 42.90% as compared to 48.72% last year. Of the 203.794 candidates who sat for the exams, only 87.431 succeeded to have a pass mark this year.

In the English-speaking regions, a total of 764 candidates sat in this year with 543 in the South West and 221 in the North West.

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