Cameroon President Paul Biya explains why he signs the military agreement with Russia

Cameroon President Paul Biya explains why he signs the military agreement with Russia. Yaoundé April 12, 2022, marks the signing of a military agreement with Moscow. 

The act concluded in the middle of the war between the Ukraine of Volodimir Zelenski and the Russia of Vladimir Putin fueling suspicions and reactions around the world. A certain opinion thinks that the Cameroon of Paul Biya grants its military support to Russia which attacked Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Faced with this wind of reactions and agitations, Cameroon has kept silent.

Cameroon’s President Paul Biya rejects the idea of ​​support from his country granted to Russia in the war against Ukraine.

This question came up again, during the French President’s visit to Cameroon which took place from July 25 to 26, 2022.

 “  Cameroon has established a defence partnership with Russia. But then does the war in Ukraine have concrete consequences for Cameroonians today? Do you condemn the Russian intervention in Ukraine?  “Asked a colleague from France Television during the press conference given by Presidents Macron and Biya.

At this question, silence gave way to an explanation.

 “  Cameroon maintains diplomatic relations with France of course, but also with many other countries, Germany, Spain, China, Brazil… And as regards the relationship with Russia, it is old and we signed a cooperation agreement with that country which was about to expire. We renewed it and we signed it,” replied President Paul Biya.

“Russia does not need the contribution of Cameroon”

 “  My minister’s trip to Russia had nothing to do with the war situation in Ukraine. We are used to signing agreements of this kind in Africa, there are many countries that have agreements with Russia. So it was an act in the routine of diplomatic relations between our two countries. We thought that maybe we were going to provide assistance to Russia, I believe, but I believe that it does not need the contribution of Cameroon. It is simply a matter of renewing the pre-existing agreement,” he said.

The signing of this military agreement took place in Moscow. The Minister Delegate to the Presidency in charge of Defense Joseph Beti Assomo represented Cameroon. His counterpart on the other side, General Serguei Choigou signed on behalf of Russia. The content of this military agreement is known.

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