Cameroon/Health: Monkeypox virus detected in the Southwest region

Cameroon/Health: Monkeypox virus detected in the Southwest region. It should be noted that there are no treatments specifically for monkeypox. But because the viruses that cause monkeypox and smallpox are similar, antiviral drugs developed to protect against smallpox may be used to treat monkeypox effectively.

A case of monkeypox was recorded in the South West of Cameroon, precisely in the locality of Kumba. The man affected is 52 years old and is currently interned in the Kumba district hospital.

Doctors are calling on people to be more vigilant. According to doctors, the virus is transmitted from person to person, after contact with sick animals, but also by the consumption of contaminated meat among other things.

For the case detected in the South West, the patient began to present the symptoms after his visit to his plantation where he was in contact with animals including bats.

According to the WHO, the first cases of monkeypox were detected in June 2022. Today, there are 22,000 cases and 18 deaths worldwide. The disease continues to progress and States are called upon to take measures to limit the progression of this disease.

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