Cameroon: Fake CAMTEL Link Circulates on Social Media

Cameroon: Fake CAMTEL Link Circulates on Social Media.

A malicious link faked with the link of CAMTEL is said to be circulating on social media platforms.

This act is said to be perpetuated by cybercriminals to hack the accounts of social media users and collect their personal data.

Careertalks, being a victim of this, discovered that when you open the link, they make you an offer of standing a chance to win 100,000 FRS after answering a few questions and choosing a gift box which contains “seen” money.

Then you are asked to share the link to 5 groups and 20 friends on WhatsApp before claiming the money and this is how the link keeps spreading.

Most people who are not familiar with web URL (Uniform Resource Location) links have fallen victim to spreading this fake link.

Such links are very common on social platforms.

CAMTEL company cautions its users not to click on the link which looks like this:

CAMTEL is also informing the public that all its commercial and promotional offers are available only on its various official platforms as seen in the communique below.

They also call on all its customers and partners to be very vigilant.

Camtel is a National Telecommunications and Internet Service Provider in Cameroon.

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