Bobrisky says he needs a child badly as he begins to search for a surrogate mother

Bobrisky says he needs a child badly as he begins to search for a surrogate mother. Popular crossdresser, Bobrisky, took to social media to announce his intention to be a father as he sources for a surrogate mother.

The socialite shared a series of posts where he mentioned some of the things his girl child will enjoy when she eventually becomes a parent.

Bobrisky called on any beautiful girl in the US or UK interested in becoming a surrogate mother because he needs a child badly.

He also mentioned some of the properties he owned and declared that age is no longer on his side

“I have many properties I need a child to leave everything for. Nobody knows when death is coming. If I can get a girl child, omg I’m never leaving her sight for a sec I’m 31 years time is going.”

Bibrisky also declared that he will give his surrogate mother a lot of money: “Since last year I have been worried about having kids my first child should come as a girl omg. I will spoil her with my life. I will call my lawyer and write my will on the day she will be born. I love girls.”

He also stressed that he wanted a girl child so much because he wouldn’t have cause to explain a lot of things to her but a boy child will ask plenty of questions.

Nigerians react to Bobrisky’s posts
Social media users have reacted differently to Bobrisky’s post about wanting a girl child so badly.

Below are some comments:

Thisisdemola: “Is Bob going to be the Father of the child or the mother?”

Mau_Reece: “Prelude to the introduction of an adopted female child in 9 months’ time.”
LDadevol: “Senior man never finish this filling station since.”

Tochitalk: “Shebi you are now a woman, why not look for a surrogate father to get you pregnant abi you dey whyne us.”

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