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Best Online Accredited Nutrition Degree Programs 2023

We will be taking a look at some of the Best Online Accredited Nutrition Degree Programs in 2023. Nutrition careers offer above-average salaries and are projected to grow steadily over the next decade. Nutritionists can help guide people to a lifestyle that uses food as a foundation for disease prevention, personal wellness, and better mental health.

If you decide to pursue this career path, you may find yourself teaching. Many nutritionists work in schools all around the country, educating both the public and aspiring nutritionists about the field. If you want to work as a nutritionist, you should have a core desire to help your community and a commitment to good health and wellness.

Students who have a passion for both food and science may find their ideal career in the field of nutrition and dietetics. To work in this field, an undergraduate degree, as well as a professional license or certification, is often required.

Top Salaries for jobs in nutrition

  • Food Service Manager.
  • Health Educator
  • Eating Disorder Counselor.
  • Community Health Worker
  • Exercise Physiologist.
  • Athletic Trainer.
  • Environmental Scientist.
  • Food Scientist.
  • Dietitian or Nutritionist.
  • Nutrition Journalist.
  • Health advisor.
  • Health education specialist.
  • Health and wellness coach.
  • Chef.
  • Food science technician.

What Are the Required Skills and Qualifications to be a Nutritionist?

The best nutritionists know how to work effectively as a team, and can motivate others to do their best. They are the ultimate diplomats and understand that the power of collaboration is one of the most important ways to get things done. Excellent nutritionists also need to have a comprehensive overview of the science and know the basics of anatomy.

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Types of online nutrition degrees

  • Nutritional Science (Dietetics) (MS)
  • Sustainable Food Systems (MS)
  • Health Education and Health Promotion (BS).
  • Health Sciences – Healthy Lifestyles and Fitness Science (BS).
  • Medical Nutrition (MS).
  • Food and Nutrition Entrepreneurship (BS).
  • Sustainable Food Systems (BS)
  • Food and Nutrition Entrepreneurship (BAS).

Levels of Nutrition Degrees

  • Bachelor’s Degrees in Nutrition: A bachelor’s degree is typically finished in four years and can help set you on the path for finding intermediary work in nutrition.
  • Associates Degrees in Nutrition: This basic degree is essential for getting your foot in the door with any nutrition-related job. It usually takes two years to get your associate’s degree, but you might find that it takes longer if you are doing flexible classes online.
  • PhD Degrees in Nutrition: The highest-level degree you can get, a Ph.D., can help you pursue work in just about any capacity in the field of nutrition that you choose, as well as teach college-level classes to others who are aspiring nutritionists.
  • Master’s Degrees in Nutrition: If you want to set yourself aside from the pack, having a traditional or online master’s degree in nutrition is an excellent way to do it. In order to get one, you will need a bachelor’s degree in nutrition or a related field.
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Best Online Accredited Nutrition Degree Programs 2023

How Long Does It Take to Become a Nutritionist Online?

It depends on your schedule and what you need to do while you are finishing up your classes. A nutritionist degree usually takes about four to six years to complete, although it could be a little bit more if you have many other commitments to attend to.

Can You Get a Nutritionist Degree Online?

Yes. A nutritionist degree can be obtained online. There are several different programs that can help you on this journey.

What major do you need to be a nutritionist?

Majors for people who go into nutrition include chemistry, biology, food science, nutrition, dietetics, or biochemistry.

What Can I Do With a Nutrition Degree After Graduation?

You can use your nutrition degree to work in a number of different post-graduation settings, including governmental or private settings, rehabilitation centers, or private institutions. Many people work with smaller communities to help turn around their dietary practices. Whatever job you wind up taking, there is generally substantial room for advancement.

What Is the Best Online Nutrition Course? | Nutrition Courses Curriculum

  • Food Service 101: If you want to work in an institution, you will likely find this course to be vital. It examines how food is prepared and served on a large scale.
  • Global Nutrition: This course looks at nutrition from a birds-eye view, examining how nutritional trends and diets shape how our globe operates.
  • Science of Herbs: Herbal medicine has long been a part of a healthy and natural diet. Courses teaching you what different herbs do are essential components of a degree in nutrition.
  • Wellness Psychology: Often, diet can’t be separated from psychology, as this course examines. It looks at eating disorders and other anxieties surrounding food.
  • Clinical Nutrition: This class looks at how to diagnose food-related issues and provide blueprints for change on a clinical level.
  • Lifelong Nutrition: What we need to eat changes as we age. A course in lifelong nutrition looks at diet throughout an average human lifetime.
  • Vitamins and Minerals Overview: We know that vitamins and minerals are essential to a healthy body, and this course examines how to get the most out of them in your diet.
  • Intro to Public Health: Managing public health requires a lot of diplomacy and an understanding of nutrition on a macro level.
  • Diet and Culture: Nutrition and diet are different all over the world. This course looks at the pros and cons of the Western diet and takes a deep dive into how people eat across the planet.
  • Sports Nutrition: Athletes need a different nutritional plan that the rest of us, sports nutrition looks at the marriage between diet and athleticism.
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Reasons to Get Your Bachelor’s in Nutrition Online

  • Save Your Money: Forget spending money on room and board, commuting, and on-campus fees. Pick from the most affordable online programs that can help you reach your career goals without sacrificing your financial future.
  • Set Your Own Schedule: Online courses give you the flexibility to fit school into your life on your own terms.
  • Balance Your Priorities: Hold down a job, a family, a business, and hobbies, and pursue a degree at the same time.

What Are the Best Online Nutrition Degree Programs?

1. Dietetics Bachelor’s Degree – Kansas State University

Accredited by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND), the online bachelor’s in nutrition and dietetics program from Kansas State University requires 120 credit hours of coursework. In addition to general education classes, students enrolled in the program will take major-specific courses such as: Financial Management in Dietetics, Counseling Strategies in Dietetic Practice, Careers in Nutrition and Dietetics, Public Health Nutrition.

2. Nutritional Sciences – University of Arizona

The online bachelor’s in nutrition and dietetics program from the University of Arizona enables students to specialize in either nutrition or dietetics. Offered through the school’s College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, the program features course titles such as: Fundamentals of Food Science, Food Service Organization and Management, Introduction to Human Nutrition, Nutrition and the Life Cycle.

3. BS in Food and Nutrition – The University of Alabama.

Online bachelor’s in nutrition and dietetics offering from the University of Alabama is a BS program in Food and Nutrition. The 120-credit hour curriculum for the program is comprised of major courses such as: Introduction to Research in Food and Nutrition, Nutrition in the Life Cycle, Introduction to Dietetics & Nutrition, Food Science.

4. Online BS in Nutrition Education – Weber State University

Weber State University is home to the most affordable online bachelor of nutrition and dietetics program in our ranking. Offered through the school’s Moyes College of Education and the Department of Exercise & Nutrition Sciences, this BS in Nutrition Education option features two distinct areas of emphasis: Sports Nutrition, Integrative Nutrition.

5. Online BS in Dietetics – Eastern Michigan University

Offered through its College of Health and Human Services, Eastern Michigan University’s online bachelor of nutrition and dietetics program is a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics. A minimum of 124 credit hours of coursework is required for the degree, and this includes major requirements such as: Development of the Entrepreneurial Dietician, Community Nutrition, Food and Culture, Nutrition Therapy.

6. Online BS in Nutrition – Huntington University of Health Sciences

Huntington University of Health Sciences’ online bachelor’s in nutrition and dietetics is an affordable Bachelor of Science in Nutrition option. Core requirements for the 129-credit hour program include: Health & Wellness, Medical Terminology, Introduction to Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Understanding Nutrition.

7. Online BS in Food and Nutrition Entrepreneurship – Arizona State University

The bachelor’s in nutrition and dietetics online program from Arizona State University is a unique BS in Food and Nutrition Entrepreneurship. The 120-credit hour curriculum for the program is comprised of 40 total classes, including required courses such as: Retail Food Service Operations, Nutrition Entrepreneurship, Eating for Lifelong Health, Perspectives on the Western Diet: Food, Health and Sustainability.

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8. Online BS in Dietetics – University of Northern Colorado

The online bachelor of nutrition and dietetics option from the University of Northern Colorado is a degree completion program accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Dietetics and Nutrition. The program can be completed in just 18 months and features course titles such as: Medical Nutrition Intervention, Food Service Systems Management, Nutrition Education and Application Strategies, Community Nutrition.

9. BS in Nutrition – Purdue University

Purdue University’s many associates, bachelor, and master’s degree programs help students show their skills and success to employers around the world. Its distance-learning program is one more way Purdue leads in public education.

10. Online BS in Human Nutrition – University of North Dakota

University of North Dakota offers an online program for a Bachelor’s in Human Nutrition. The program is fully online and asynchronous. Online students pay in-state tuition regardless of residency. The program offers a choice between a Science track or a Health Promotion track.

11. BS in Nutrition – Texas Woman’s University

TWU takes pride in the ability to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees through various formats that include online, weekend, and night classes. Their doctoral programs are highly accessible, as well.

12. University of Northern Colorado Online BS in Dietetics

The University of Northern Colorado continuously expands its programs to demonstrate its ability to provide students with competitive public education. Student empowerment is essential to the ideals of UNC’s many undergrad and graduate programs. It has many means of displaying student achievement, including museums, a newspaper, and a radio station.

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