Anglophone crisis: Separatist fighters set fire to a military checkpoint in Jakiri

Anglophone crisis: Separatist fighters set fire to a military checkpoint in Jakiri. Years have passed since the outbreak of the Anglophone crisis which continues to this day.

Since the outbreak of the crisis, many innocent civilians have lost their lives. Separatist fighters and security forces have had serious clashes and recently a military checkpoint in Jakiri was set ablaze on Wednesday by separatist fighters.

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According to concordant sources, the government forces managed to get out of this trap.

“This is where they come to spend their time, we set it on fire”, can we hear in a video shared by Ambazonians on social networks? This is the second attack targeting Cameroonian soldiers at this post. Fighting between government forces and Ambazonians has increased in recent months. The advent of improvised explosive devices has made conflicts more complex.

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Recently, President Paul Biya ordered the deployment of special forces in the North West and South West regions plagued by separatism. Will such an approach bear any good fruit given that the government has been using the same approach for years without any solution?

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