Alleged Kidnapper Begs For Forgiveness After Arrest saying his wife Just Had A Baby

Alleged Kidnapper Begs For Forgiveness After Arrest saying his wife Just Had A Baby. The police have arrested an Abuja-based big boy known as John Lyon for alleged kidnapping. According to the report by Punch, he was traced from Bayelsa to Abuja where he was arrested.

In the video which has been trending online, John Lyon was seen kneeling down in handcuffs, as he begged for forgiveness. A man who apparently has been a victim of his attack was recounting the ordeal he passed through in the hands of John Lyon and his gang. The victim who spoke behind the camera narrated how John Lyon and his gang “butchered” him and nearly killed him. But John Lyon was trying to deny being part of the operation that attacked the man.

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John claimed that he has participated in just two kidnapping operations, and asked that he should be forgiven because his wife has just put to birth.

He said - "Forgive me, please forgive me, my wife just had a baby, a boy."

The arrest of the young man came to many as a surprise because he is known for flaunting wealth online and encouraging other young people to work hard, and people didn’t know what he was doing to make money.

Many have said that his arrest should be a lesson to people, especially young people, not to feel pressured by the ‘success’ of people they see online because they don’t know how those people acquired the wealth they flaunt online.

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