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All you need to know about the Commercial Director profession

What is the Commercial Director profession all about? Here we are going to enlighten you on that. W we go as far as telling you his or her mission, know-how, training, etc.

In a company, the commercial director defines, animates and supervises a commercial strategy in order to increase the company’s sales and increase turnover.


The commercial director defines, animates and supervises a commercial strategy in order to increase the company’s sales and increase turnover.

He works in B to B or B to C companies that sell products or services.

His activities

Develop commercial policy

  • identify market developments and the company’s positioning in this market;
  • highlight development paths specific to this market;
  • determine the products or services to launch, maintain and abandon, as well as their quantity Set their pricing policy;
  • define the means of developing the company’s offer;
  • submit an operating budget to General Management;
  • identify the appropriate commercial targets and define the development objectives of the turnover.
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Manage and implement the commercial policy

  • support the sales force in the field to advise it, set up the bonus system;
  • recruit new employees;
  • plan the training actions of his team;
  • ensure the link with the other departments of the company.

Managing key account business development

  • prospect and retain strategic accounts for the company;
  • conduct negotiations for new contracts;
  • participate in fairs, conferences, all external representation events.

Follow the results of the sales team

  • take stock of individual and collective results;
  • validate the achievement of objectives;
  • ensure reporting to the General Management.

 His knowledge 

  • sales and merchandising techniques;
  • management ;
  • management ;
  • local economy;
  • one or two foreign languages ​​including English.
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His qualities

  • relational ease to play an interface role between his management and his team;
  • natural authority to federate his team, stimulate it;
  • adaptability to different interlocutors, environments and schedules;
  • organization to coordinate his activity and that of his team;
  • rigor and methodology to implement and monitor its commercial policy;
  • sense of argument to negotiate sales contracts;
  • autonomy in the management of his team Decision-making power in the choices to be made for his team;
  • great resistance to pressure to withstand the challenges to be met.

His pathways to the profession

Business schools, engineering schools or professional or research masters at the university.

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