A man in Yaounde files for divorce following domestic violence

Cameroon: A man in Yaounde files for divorce following domestic violence. Valentin Atangana on Monday, September 26, 2022, decided to file a divorce from his wife Judith Atangana following constant assaults from the latter.

Sources say they got married in 2003 when Valentin was 46 and Judith 35. After 5 years of matrimony, he managed to get a job for his beloved wife at Ebolowa in the South region. Within six months, Judith lived between Ebolowa and Yaounde as she spent weekdays in Ebolowa for work and weekends in Yaounde with her husband and their 2 children.

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Gradually, the weekends with his wife seemed to disappear as she no longer travelled to Yaounde. When asked why she said the physical and financial stress was too much for her to handle but her husband did not believe her. He travelled to Ebolowa and discovered his legally married wife had moved in with another man. according to Valentin Atangana, when he asked for an explanation from his wife, he got beaten by her and was even left with a wound on his head.

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The now 65-year-old man did not give up on his marriage. He kept struggling to find a solution but received more beatings from Judith each time he made an attempt to solve the issue. Tired of the injuries and insults, Valentin Atangana has filed for a divorce, hoping to get a favourable answer.

While waiting for a verdict, the sexagenarian has endorsed the sole responsibility of parenthood.

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