A Man Arrested For Robbing Orange Money Outlet in Batouri

A Man Arrested For Robbing Orange Money Outlet in Batouri, Cameroon. The event took place precisely in Kentzou, Kadey Division of the East Region of Cameroon.

He was apprehended on the night of November 24 to 25, at about 11:00 pm with the help of a thorough search by the population of the locality.

According to the National Gendarmerie Secretariat, “The interrogation and search of the suspect’s home enabled the elements of this unit to seize a bag containing his loot.”

Authorities added that the bag “consisted of 19 mobile phones including 6 android and 1 iPhone, 35 phone chargers, 3 MP3 players, 12 cords, 1 knife, 1 hammer, 1 bag of Indian hemp, 1 package of various pharmaceutical products and crates of beer.”

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The alleged thief is expected to appear before the State Council at the Batouri Court of First Instance in the days ahead.

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